When you invest in alpacas you don't need a brokerage house to hold your certificates. You can't "hug" your certificates or feed them or watch them grow. With alpacas in your portfolio, you can hug them, you can feed them, you can watch them grow in size and value, and you can build your portfolio value with new offspring every year. You can do this as an owner with your own land to raise them on, or as an owner who is strictly in the business for the investment benefits it brings.

Gracie Boyles and Mickey Finn

       Alpaca ownership is a rewarding lifestyle. The demand for alpacas continues every year and this demand is supported by the yet small supply of alpacas available in the United States, as well as the tremendous value of the alpaca fleece. Right now alpacas are most profitable for breeding and the sale of offspring. But, in the future, their fleece will be what positions the alpaca owner directly in the fiber industry, which holds boundless potential.

       Selective and prudent breeding practices, the scarcity of this unique livestock in the United States and the fact that alpacas usually have only one baby per year are prime factors that preserve the future value of alpacas in the marketplace.

       Tax advantages are an additional benefit to ownership. Alpacas, being livestock, are depreciable and subject to capital gains treatment. Most expenses related to ownership, such as feed, veterinary fees, insurance costs, supplies and the like, are expensed against income. The tax advantages are greater if you are a "hands on" owner (one who has land on which to personally raise the animals) in that the barn, shelters, fencing, equipment used in the business can be depreciated and expensed against income. Your tax advisor can guide you through this and should be consulted before entering the business. There are many owners of alpacas who do not want to personally raise their alpacas, they own alpacas for the investment potential and tax benefits.

Alex and Penelope

       Part of our service to new buyers is advice and counseling. When you invest with us we add return to your investment by being available to answer questions and giving assistance when you ask. Let us show you the benefits of "the world's best livestock investment".

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